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The Inside Story of Michigan’s Fake Voter Fraud Scandal

It was clear Trump was running far more competitively than they’d anticipated; he was on track to win Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, three states that tally their ballots quickly, meaning the spotlight would abruptly shift to the critical, slow-counting battlegrounds of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As conspiracy theories proliferated across the right-wing information universe—Sharpie markers disenfranchising Trump voters in Arizona, a marked Biden/Harris van unloading boxes full of ballots in Nevada, suspicious turnout patterns in Wisconsin—Detroit held a special place in the president’s heart. It’s why the RNC, on Mc Daniel’s watch, tweeted out a video clip of disgraced lawyer Sidney Powell claiming Trump “won in a landslide” (when he lost by more than 6 million votes nationally) and alleging a global conspiracy to rig the election against him.

So whats wrong with the election?

At the point when I decided in favor of Trump and Biden is president now, I truly need to consider the big picture if there is some discretionary extortion. I am not ready to explore that myself. possibly you need to do it and purchase this magnificent space right here. Since that is the main space you need in the event that you are for the opportunity of electors. Perhaps the power be with you.